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We love what we do here at Challenge Point, and because of that we are fortunate to be able to run primarily on volunteer power. Also, in order to keep our program affordable, we do our best to keep our programs as cost effective as possible. With that stated, we also depend on your financial support - yes, your support - in both great and small ways - is what keeps ChallengePoint going. While there are many things that we must purchase regularly to keep our programs operating, there are also larger expenses that we bear, including intern scholarships, program oversight, and the future addition of real estate. Listed below are some common items we purchase on an annual basis (some more than others). As a supporter of Challenge Point, we would love to have you help us out and also know what your support is going towards. Below is a sampling of items we typically stock for our retreats, camps and workshops. Scroll down for information about support for our internships and for support of our land purchase on which we plan to establish a permanent facility.

Ball - $2
Nails, Bolts & Screws - $3
Rubber Pig - $5
Rubber Chicken - $10
Wooden Plank - $12
Power Ball - $15
Paint - $20
Camp Fuel – $5
Batteries – $10
Carabineer – $20
Water Filter – $50
Tent – $100
Rappel Rope – $150
Backpack – $200
Pen - $2
Paper - $5
Envelopes - $10
Labels - $15
Ink Cartridge - $30
Printer - $300
Computer - $1000
Diet Mountain Dew - $2
Sandwich - $5
Campsites - $20
3/4 Tank of Gas - $40
Hotel Room - $80

From it's founding in 1998, Challenge Point has operated as a mobile program without a physical home. It is our goal to ultimately have a permanent retreat center where our program can flourish, and we are close to reaching that goal.

There are three ways you could help us: A one-time donation will go towards the initial deposit to purchase of land. We are also seeking those who could commit to $20 a month to assist with land payments. The third method is to purchase an item from our on-line store. All purchases go towards supporting our land fund.

The heart of Challenge Point is our staff. It is their faith, sweat, blood and passion that keeps our program running. Since 2001, the primary entrance onto our team is through our summer internship program. Summers are very busy in Challenge Point and our interns are committed to over two months of continuous on-job training. With little-to no down time, interns spend the summer learning adventure-based facilitation and all things in regard to backpacking, caving, and rock climbing/rappelling.
We are always trying to improve our internship program. One of our goals is to increase the number of interns we train each year. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without your support. It cost money to feed and properly gear our interns. Beyond that, we always try to provide a scholarship that we can give them at the end of the summer. By supporting our internship program with $100 or more, you will be adopting one of our interns and receive regular updates as their summer goes along.

As we’ve stated before, Challenge Point operates on volunteer power. Every penny you donate goes towards the program without any administrative costs subtracted. The one way you can support our penniless and hungry Program Director is by purchasing products at

Donations to ChallengePoint are now available through Paypal. Just follow the link below and Paypal will lead you through the process. Donations may also be made by personal check, payable to ChallengePoint. Donations by check should be remitted to our business mailing address: ChallengePoint, Inc., 1300 Shades Cliff Road, Jasper, AL 35504. We greatly appreciate your continued support.


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